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Sapphire (Al2O3)

Sapphire(Al2O3) is high in hardness (Moh's hardness 9) while resistancibility to chemical and heat is excellent, it is widely used in various substrates, bearing, prism, optical instruments window, high heat pressure furnace's window for basic research and industrial, commercial fields.

Specification properties

Material Alminium oxide Specific gravity 3.99
Formula Al2O3 Melting point 2050℃
Growth method CZ, EFG, Cyprus etc. Moh's hardness 9
Crystal system Hexagonal Refractive index
ne<=1.76 na=1.77
Crystal type Colundum Refractive index
Cleavage Unclear Transmittance
wave length
As shown below
Color Clear Dielectric constant C//:12 C⊥:9
Purity 99.99% Hear expansion
C//:6.7 C⊥:5.0
Lattice index a=4.758Å c=12.991Å Orientation (C-plane)(R-plane)

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Crystal size


Polishing: One side polished, Two sides poished

*Other size is available upon request.

* Luminous transmittance ratio curve


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