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Not only the sputtering targets, semiconductor materials and single crystals, but also the other products.  

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CLBO crystals

CLBO crystal is oputimum to develop fourth, fifth high harmonic for YAG laser.
Compare to BBO crystal, it has begger wave length, angle, and allowable thermal width while walk-off angle is smaller, you can obtain high conversation efficiency in fourth, fifth high harmonic development.


Specification properties

Material Cecium Lithum Borate Specific gravity 2.46
Formula CsLiB6O10 Melting point 848℃
Growth method Flux Vickers hardness 260
Crystal system Tetragonal Absorption edge 180nm
Color Clear    
Latice index a0=10.494Å
λ=1.064μm n0=1.484 ne=1.434
λ=0.532μm n0=1.497 ne=1.445

Crystal size

60×130×70o order

*Other size is available upon request.

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