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Not only the sputtering targets, semiconductor materials and single crystals, but also the other products.  

Phone +81-3-3762-8161,

Tokyo Japan

Production, Processing by Contract

While we are selling materials, we also accept the contract for customized services, designing, fabricating for equipments and polishing, deposition and analyzing various substrates.

Designing and fabrication for Physical & Chemical instruments

We design and fabricate medical instruments, physical & chemical instrumnents. We will comply with OEM fabcications.

Main instruments and machines
Cleaning machine, Optical testing equipment, Light source, Cabinets, Conductivity meters, Temperature controller, Environmental related equipments, Educational kits, Communication related equipments, Optical communication equipments, Optical fibers related equipments.

Production processing

Please send us inquiry for polishing and synthesizing for various materials.

Mirror polishing for crystals, quarts, glass, ceramics and metals.

Organic, Inorganic chloride compounds.

Film deposition, Analysis service

We serve film deposit by vacuum deposition, ion plating or sputtering.
We are also serving analysis by contract for determinate quantity, quantitative analysis for crystals and impurity analysis.

Furuuchi Chemical Co.

6-17-17 Minami-Oi Shinagawa-ku
Tokyo, 140-0013, Japan

Business hours
Weekdays 9:00-17:00