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Not only the sputtering targets, semiconductor materials and single crystals, but also the other products.  

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Introducing machines and equipments for using research and experiments with related products and the peripherals used in laboratory.


It enables person to carry substrate and wafer with scratch-free by this had-carry equipment. Metals, semiconductors, and insulators can be moved one place to other by absorption transfer.


Shin-uchi Actuator

The device is made by Nano Control Co., Ltd. It enables to position the object with surface contact by using force of inertia of piezoelectric actuator.


Shin-uchi Unit

The product is a excellent position adjusting tool for assembling parts. You can spot to determine the position in the unit of nanometer.


Microscopic Positioning system

The product is a compact stage motioned by piezoelectric actuator made by Nano Control Co., Ltd. It enables to control high accurate positioning.


Alternating current voltage apply system Static electricity removal device KAC series

KAC series is widely applied for various kinds of static electricity trouble and accident.


Plasma Surface Treating : Plasma Shower

This equipment is to convert the surface of resin, glass, metal, etc. by the plasma exposure. It gives hydrophilic polar on the surface.


Nd:YAG Laser Sirius-10S

Nd:YAG Laser Sirius-10S is a compact but powerful laser oscillator from Fractal Laser Co.

Plasma Surface Treating Equipment

This equipment is to convert the surface of resin, glass, metal by plasma exposure. It cleans the surface to give higher wet nature for improving properties of bounding, printing and painting.

Nono Static control and eliminator

Solving static electricity failure, the Nano Static control and eliminator is made commercially with using special electrode.

VOC Eliminator

Without using filter, the VOC Eliminator does not require changing filter and regular maintenance.

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