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Not only the sputtering targets, semiconductor materials and single crystals, but also the other products.  

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Tokyo Japan


Quality of products are depend on large weght of their raw materials. We sell the most high quality materials which are existing in the world.

Metal, Alloys

Depends on each application, we prepare powder, plate, wire, rod, ingot and various forms of materials. We prepared with the most highest purity as possible for each material.


We introduce various compunds, Oxides, Carbides, Borides, Nitrides and so on. Please apply with your use.


Oxides, Compulex oxides, Non-oxides, various ceramics are prepared with best matching method for each material.

Chemical Products

Semiconductors and LC and various wafers and substrates cleaning solutions products are sold. We also prepare synthesis for special inorganic chemicals and organic chemicals for various applications. (TAS FINE series)

Sputtering Targets

Our sputtering targets are prepared with high purity metals and compounds materials. We prepare melt, rolling, molding, powder metallurgy, hot press methods in most suitable method with the materials.

Furuuchi Chemical Co.

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