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Not only the sputtering targets, semiconductor materials and single crystals, but also the other products.  

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Measurment Instruments and Apparatus

We sell various measuring instruments and apparatus for research and experimental use. Our instruments should be useful to your needs.

FINE Capacitance Temperature Sensor

This high sensitive temperature sensor can be used under the low temperature with intense magnetic field. It is suitable for strong magnetic with cryogenic temperature less than 10K measurement.

1.53-1.61 µm Wide band ASE Light Source Module

It is Wide band ASE, which is used for the ASE light source module with 1.53-1.61 µm band ASE light.

1.55 µm Light source ASE-FL7010

It is suitable for high precision measurement for evaluation and measuremento of light devise and light sensors.

PLZT High speed optical shutter

Polar element with translucent PLZT shutter film system, it is possible to shutter control faster than LCD.

Low Cost SLD Light source

It is infrared light source with SLD. The price is a fraction of one half to one third of the standard ASE light source.

Superconductive kit UFO FINE-90

UFO FINE-90 is for checking Misser effect experimental kit for proving superconductive phenomenon.

TFC-Fine Optical Isolator

Optical isolater with triple fiber collimeter. It allows collimeter and isolater isolated safety from the feedback light.

Overcurrent Ceramics PTC Thermistor 16V Series

"PTC Thermistor 16V Series" is Ceramics PTC thermistor, we developed with our unique ceramic calcination technique.

Fiberlab's ASE Light Source

ASE-C-10S (C-band)
ASE-CL-13S (CL band)

Scintillation-type Radiation Detector Gamma Spotter

It is compatible to choose three measurement mode and corresponds temperature changes, it enable to reduce error and obtain more accurate mesured value.


We introduce instruments and and device for producing sputtering targets and semiconductors materials.

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