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Not only the sputtering targets, semiconductor materials and single crystals, but also the other products.  

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Changes in Label of Electronwax

We changed the label of Electronwax.
Series of Electron pruducts had been labelled as Sou Denshi Kougyo Co., Ltd., however, we have manufactured and sold the products for 10 years since we purchased Electron products business from Sou Denshi Kougyo Co., Ltd., we will start to use new wrapping paper which is printed with our company's name. It will be sold as our FINE BRAND products of Furuuchi Chemical Corporation. We hope that this will be acknowledged by everyone and use more our Electron products.

Furuuchi Chemical Corporation
Salses Department, Management Department.

A trend of the awareness of natural organic materials became more attractive for health and environmnent perspective in the recent years. Our "Electronwax" are made of natural materials. Produced by vacuum evaporation method, fume and gas discharges are very low while the purity of wax is very high.

Material Specification

Products Name Softening Point Vapor Pressure(Pa/30°C)  Characteristic Application
Wax S 58°C 2x10-4 Vacuum Distillation Semiconductores, Glass Ceramics, Gems 
Wax M 64°C 1.8x10-4 Vacuum Distillation Semiconductores, Glass Ceramics, Gems 
Wax H 69°C 1.5x10-4 Vacuum Distillation Semiconductores, Glass Ceramics, Gems 
Grease Soft, Hard 8x10-5 Vacuum Distillation Glass cock, Vacuum fitting sealant
Compound Soft, Hard 5.3x10-4 Bonding, Fixing Various adhesives
Decotinsky Cement 70°C 4x10-4 Bonding, Fixing Hot-melting type

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